4rd Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference
  Muğla / Bodrum
YER   Muğla / Bodrum
TARİH   24-29.MAYIS.2016
DÜZENLEYEN KURULUŞ   Anatolia: An Internatioal Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research

ETKİNLİK MERKEZİ   Amara Island Bodrum Elite Otel
ETKİNLİK WEB SAYFASI   http://www.interdisciplinaryconference.org/
Tourism is not a single phenemenon and has links with many other disciplines. Taking this consensus as a reference point, the purpose of this conference is to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of such specific fields as tourism, hospitality and leisure to create an academic platform to bring together those scholars doing research directly or indirectly in these fields and also to create harmony within the standard of tourism research. The conference aims to attract a selected list of participants in two categories. First, it is open for those faculty members and/or graduate students who have a background in a different discipline, but have the willingness to expand their research interests into tourism and related disciplines. This category welcomes the submission of papers with single or multiple authors. Second, for those contributers with a background in tourism, hospitality or leisure, the paper should be written by at least two multiple authors and each author should represent a different discipline, e.g. tourism + geography. All submissions should directly focus upon any aspect of tourism, hospitality and leisure research, e.g. sociology of tourism; management and marketing of tourism, geography of tourism; planning of tourism; psychology of tourism and leisure; economics of tourism, leisure and recreation etc.